Glenview Library Letter

November 12, 2013

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Limitless Libraries

The photo above shows the returns and requests for Limitless Libraries from all of MNPS. The LL librarians were so excited they emailed this photo to all MNPS librarians. However, none of the books on these carts are for or from Glenview! Please take advantage of this wonderful service. It's an amazing benefit to have access to more than just the books here in our own library.... anything from the entire collection of the Nashville Public Library can be sent to us within a few days.

Plus, they have a new resource for us! They have built a collection of Curriculum Kits, which are boxes of books, dvds, and audio centered around a particular theme.

Here is the info on them from Limitless Libraries:

Curriculum Kits: They are ready for you to check out and use! Here are some details on how it works:

  • Kits may be checked out for six weeks. They are not renewable.
  • Just like book clubs in a bag, the kits may be checked out on educator cards only (not librarian cards). The educator checking out the kit is completely responsible for the bin and all of its contents.
  • No more than 1 kit may be borrowed at one time by a patron.
  • You may place holds on the kits through our catalog.
  • Kits may be delivered and picked up through school mail delivery.
  • Overdue fines are $2.00 a day. Kits that are returned incomplete will be fined $2.00 a day once the due date is reached until the missing part is returned.
  • Replacement cost for an entire kit is $150.00. The replacement cost of individual parts of a kit will depend on the cost of each individual item.
  • The kit must be returned with all its contents at the same time.
  • Search the catalog for Curriculum Kit and then sort by Title to see all of them that are available.
  • All items included in the bin are numbered and an inventory list is attached to the side of the bin.

Book Order

I am currently working on our book order, and I would love to hear your suggestions! I have been making a note of what books and subjects are being requested by teachers, but I would love to know if there are particular titles, authors, or subjects you would like to see in our library. Please send me an email with your requests! Thanks!


Diigo is a great way to organize websites, articles, and web 2.0 tools. I use it to save and organize websites and tools I use frequently, and I also created a Glenview Library group that you can join where I share library resources that I think might be useful for you. It would also be a great way to organize content for your PLC. Within Diigo, you not only can save and share articles, but also highlight and take notes on them, and share the notes. It's accessible from any computer (or tablet), and there are also other public groups organized around different education and technology topics that you can join. I'll send an email invite that you can use to sign up. If you have any questions, or would like me to walk you through it, just let me know! I'd be happy to meet with your grade level during your planning time to get you set up and ready to go with using it.

Faculty and Staff Lending Library

If we want to promote a strong foundation in literacy for our students, we need to be readers ourselves, right? Welcome to the Faculty Lending Library!

Finished your current novel? Need a new book to read? Take a book from our Lending Library! Have a book you no longer want or need? Didn't like a particular title? Donate it to our Library... someone else might enjoy it!

This will operate as an informal lending library for FUN reading. This is separate from our Professional Collection housed in the Library Conference Room. Any books - novels, nonfiction, profession, fun - are welcome. Anyone who works at Glenview is invited to check back often. Take a book anytime you need one, leave a book when you no longer want it. You can borrow a book and return the same one, or if you really liked it, keep it and return a different one you have!

No check out is needed, and no system will be used to keep track of books other than the honor system. The books will be housed in the upper cabinets in the library office/workroom. Enjoy!