The Mixed Animal



It lives in the tundra.I mixed It with a dog,cow and a horse.So other animal won't attack them.All three won't get tired fast.They need water like humans do.I mixed the horse with the cow because both eat grass and they both drink water.I mixed the dog with the horse because both horse and dog can run fast.I mixed the dog with the cow because both are strong animals and If it gets thirty I could, drinks It's own milk.I choose cotton because it can keep the animal warm in the night and day time, and the animal could have an extra coat of fur.

All about Moodogton

The animal I mixed was a cow,horse, and a dog.The body is a horse body with cow and lot of spots.The animal head is a horse's head. The legs are a dog leg, a cow leg, and a dog leg.It's tail Is a cow and a horse tail mixed together.It's whole body Is a horse and dog put together. It's very strong.My third animal Is a horse.I picked the horse because It can run and it also eat's grass just like a cow and horse does.Both Horse,Cow, and Dog can run fast.It will survive by stay hydrated and staying out of other animals way.

For More Information

It acts like an Horse,Cow,And A Dog all mixed together.It eats like a cow and a horse,it Runs like a horse and a dog,It plays around like Horse and a dog, and its lazy like a cow.The tundra is a biome where the tree growth is hindered by low temperatures and short growing seasons. The term tundra comes through Russian tyhaoaу from the Kildin Sami word tundra uplands.