The Freedmen's Bureau

For the Purpose of Social Welfare

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help make the transition of the unschooled life of slavery onto the life of a literate man as smooth as possible. Our once enslaved brothers were not taught to read or write, nor to manage business. However, we will teach them to independently work in the ever expanding cities and help them with the pursuit of happiness.

About Us

Our organization began on March of 1865, when it was created by the U.S. congress. It was under the direction of General Oliver O. Howard, and it was the first organization of its kind. General Rufus Saxton was appointed to oversee the bureau in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina on May later that year.


We believe that education is the most important tool for being successful in life. A higher education increases the chances of someone from getting a job. The way that we will help increase education is by funding school buildings. We will buy and build schools for the higher education of the children. By 1868, about sixty schools should be made, and about 30,000 freedmen should have been taught to read. These estimates show that our efforts to help the freedmen should be successful.


We will also try our hardest to lead the freedmen from unemployment, and help them get jobs and careers after school. Although we will mainly focus on the freedmen, we are also willing to help the poor white men gain jobs. By 1866, we expect for there to be about 800,000 jobs given in our organization. We aim to focus on the weaker individuals who are more vulnerable without jobs. We won't just give jobs, people will have to earn them. This can, in turn, help our economy.


We will try our hardest to give land to the freedmen. Plantations are important for our southern economy, and this would be a great way for them to make money. We are conscious that we will face obstacles, but we will not rest until equality is seen throughout.