In your computer, in your phone, silicon is very well known!

Basic Information

Symbol: Si

Atomic Number: 14

Atomic Weight: 28.0855

Group: 14

Period: 3

Color: Dark Grey with a Blueish Tinge

Classification: Semi-Metallic

The History of Silicon

Silicon was first discovered in 1824 by Jons Jacob Berzelius in Sweden. The name of silicon comes from the Latin word "silicis" which means "flint".

Silicon All Around Us

In outer space, Silicon can be found in the sun and other stars. It can also be found in a class of meteorites called aerolites. On Earth, silicon can be found in dust. This dust is very poisonus and dangerous to humans, because if the dust is inhaled, it can cause a lung disease called silicosis.

The Biology of Silicon

Silicon is an element that humans have in their bodies, though silicon dust can be dangerous to the lungs of humans. In other animals, such as rats and chicks, silicon is necessary to have for proper skeletal development. Diatoms, protozoa, sponges, and plants also use silicon for cell structure.

Additional Facts

Silicon is the second most abundant element on Earth, making up 25.7% of the crust's weight.

Silicon: The Element

Protons: 14

Electrons: 14

Neutrons: 14