Ivory Coast

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The Problem

At one point the Ivory Coast had the largest rain forest in all of West Africa. This is known as deforestation. Deforestation is the mass murder of nature (mainly trees). due to deforestation more than 80 percent of the forest in the Ivory Coast was destroyed. The cause of this is the technique they use called slash and burn. Slash and burn is cutting down a tree then using it for whatever but, many Africans did not replant the trees. Another cause would be cutting down too much for building or farming.

This will effect both humans and wildlife. One reason is by desertification which is when a grass land turns dry and mostly useable for farming. It is mainly caused by deforestation because of not having the roots of the trees the soil is blown away by the winds while breaking down rock leaving the place dry. In total desertification effects over 600million people.

The solution

One solution that might work is having volunteers and a funder. The volunteers would travel to the Ivory Coast to replant the rain forests. Along doing this they should teach the natives how to replant the trees. This could be funded by the Rainforest Fund because of all their work to help the rainforests survive.