Joining the Family

Kyle Glover


Excitement: The feeling that filled the family for months after Karissa, my adopted sister from China, arrived in the US. My family and I were so happy to see my parents bring back our sister from China after that long trip they took. The feeling of curiosity flowed through the house, it felt like nothing would be boring and everything was going to be fun and interesting from now on. We adored her, at the start, she was so cute and we spoiled her bad that first few months. She was the in the limelight for a long time, the lack of attention didn't really affect me at the time and my other siblings and I think this shaped me as a person over time.

The Lasting Effect and Allusion

Karissa has a lasting effect on me because everyday she is there and is permanently part of my family. Now, I get to attend all the major milestones in her life like hopefully marriage and graduation. I get to be there for her the rest of her life which is truly a blessing only given from God.

Also, Karissa changed my personal insight and personality. She changed me because at an early age I started accepting others who were not my color/race because she is not white nor American. Karissa helped me see everyone as the same no matter the color/race. Me and my others siblings learned that every person has human dignity and everyone is equal.

The Allusion is Karissa is like Moses who was found in a river in Egypt in need. Our family took Karissa in, like pharaoh's daughter who 'adopted' Moses.

12 Jan 2014 Baby Moses by the River


The Conflict in this experience is Man(Karissa) vs. Society. This is the conflict because when Karissa arrived in America, I remember her having a hard time understanding us and eating. She was used to eating rice everyday in the Chinese orphanage, but when she arrived we fed her nutritious foods. She was very fat when she arrived. Over time, she quickly got thin because she wasn't eating the same rice everyday. It took her a little while to actually willingly eat American food.


The Metaphor for this experience is it is like the last puzzle piece to the puzzle, which makes one big picture. The big picture is our family, the Glover family. Without Karissa, our family would not be complete. She was the last puzzle piece to our family and makes it better. She fills the empty spot that used to be held by Kurtis, my brother died just after being born. She fills the spot perfectly and really compliments our family.