by Brooke McKee

pro vaccinations

Since vaccinations, disease risk have drastically gone done. For those who aren't vaccinated it is more dangerous to go in public without having a major risk of fatal disease. Especially in large cities where people traveling from all different countries come and spread disease. In 1952 there were 57,879 cases of polio in the U.S. by 1961 the polio number was reduced to 1,312, a 98% reduction caused by vaccination. Today the figure is zero.

pro vaccination support

~a recent world health organization report found that world wide 9.6 million lives were saved in the last decade because of redoubled vaccination efforts

~if both parents are immunized the risk of the children getting the vaccinated disease is reduced by 51%

~when a large number of individuals in a population are immuned to the disease and a few people have the disease it is fought off and that is herd immunization

~cases of illnesses like polio, diphtheria, and measles have gone drastically down since the start of the vaccination for those diseases

cons of vaccinations

~one women had her first child vaccinated and within a few hours of receiving the shot he developed autism that lasted 6 years

~vaccinations have made kids sick because of there inaccuracy, for example, if a 3 year old comes in two get a measles shot and a 24 year old comes in to get the same shot the proportion of how much medicine that is given in the shot is not changed so the effect could be different

~another reasons shots can be dangerous are thereside effects to people with allergies, like if a kid was allergic to one of the vitamins in the shot but the doctor did not no the shot could potentially be fatal

~another con is if you are to young to receive the vaccination you are at very high risk of the catching the disease

summary overveiw

In this poster we discussed the pros and cons of receiving shots. I concluded that I think getting all your vaccinations or most is mainly beneficial. Some ways you could help to prevent getting an illness from a shot is to get an allergy test and to always ask what is in the shot. Also ask the doctor to double check if the amount of fluid in the shot is ok for the childs height and weight requirements. In the end I believe that all kids should receive vaccinations.