Roller Coaster Engineer

By: Lorenzo Ruppert


  1. Deciding what roller coaster to use
  2. Learning how and where to place the track
  3. Creating the control system
  4. Making sure the roller coaster is safe
  5. Communication is big in this industry
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Travel, Dangers, and Advantages

There is not many traveling things involved with designing a roller coaster other than traveling to the lab to the job site.There are no real dangers when designing a roller coaster. There are many advantages to being a roller coaster engineer. You get to make a roller coaster the way you want, you get to ride the roller coaster first, and you can have the bragging rights of designing a roller coaster.

Education and Universities

There is no real "roller coaster engineer" degree but it is required to have a gradute degree in engineering. Many student should look into additional physics, mathematics, and drafting. Roller coaster engineers are required to have a license for designing roller coasters. Some universities that offer roller coaster engineer type courses are Clarkson University, Ohio State University, and North Carolina State University.


The yearly salary for a roller coaster engineer is $45,000 to $80,000.
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