Teacher Spotlight: Anne Leija

January 2019

Happy New Year!

We hope all of our families had a wonderful winter break and 2019 is off to a great start for all.

We are excited to announce the Teacher Spotlight Duo from December as Anne Leija and Anne Dewey. Anne Leija is a Kindergarten and 1st Grade looping teacher at the Estes Park Elementary School, and Anne Dewey is an Instructional Technology Coach for the district. These two amazing educators teamed up to deliver a "next level" spin on a classic holiday gift for the parents of Anne Leija's first grade class.

(We wanted to wait to send out the newsletter highlighting December's spotlight so we didn't ruin the surprise for any of these proud gift-givers!)

Exploring New Options

It is invigorating to talk with teachers about stepping out of their comfort zone and trying new things in their classroom, especially when it comes to technology. Anne Leija has been partnering with our Instructional Technology Coach, Anne Dewey, to use iPads with first grade students in new ways.

Students in Anne Leija's first grade classroom became creators of autobiographical books that they gave to their parents as gifts over the winter break. The books are titled "I love you because..." and each student created the book full of the different reasons they love their parents.

This extremely heartfelt project is one that Mrs. Leija has been doing with her students for years, only this year she used technology to enhance the experience and offered the students new ways of creating and expressing themselves. The outcome is a beautiful (and durable) keepsake that the students are extremely proud of.

The students shared how using the iPads to create their illustrations and type their story was challenging for them, but they really enjoyed it.

Big picture

Compassion & Creativity

Mrs. Leija is building the Global Outcomes competencies of Compassion and Creativity. The first step that students took was to build empathy by exploring everything their parents do for them. Students completed a rough draft version of their book and then began typing each page of their book in Keynote on their district iPad. Students created pictures or illustrations for their book and digitally uploaded them onto each page. They printed, bound, and wrapped their books and took them home to their parents for the holidays.

Thanks to this amazing team for working together and creating some wonderful memories that our families will treasure for a lifetime!