Prison Reform

By Jayson and Israel

Time Frame

The Prison Reform is to improve conditions inside prisons. The prison reform movement started in the 1960s and ends in the 1970s.The prison reform prison system came over the last 200 years ago. The women who did the estelle B. freedman, their sisters keepers: womens prison reform in america 1830 1930.(Ann Arbor, Mich., !98) Mary Q Hawks, Excellent effect the edna mahan story. ( laurel lakes md 1994) nicole hahn rafter partial justice women prisons and social control (new Brunswick N.J. 1990)

Social problem

30 percent overcrowding, five did not have an over- crowding case. these data suggest that

the US district courts have been able to identify the states with prisons overcrowding problems. We argue discourses on prison and reform served to construct and interpret different problems and projects related to building that nationstate, the integration of national economics to the world market and the social question. Women in the US suffer discrimination in a wide variety of areas. Sex discrimination; medical care, especially for preganant women; and the parental rights.

The goal of the movement.

The origins of the prison reform movement can be traced to the early and mid-ninetenth century attempts, led by free women in pennsylvania and new york, to separate female and male prisoners, hire matrons and provide remedial training. These earlier efforTs proved difficult to sustain, mainly because female prisoners and their matrons remained under the control of predominantly male institutions. The accomplishments of the women prison reform movement were significant and several groups, inmates, who now had a system of independent institutions; the reformers, many of whom entered public life as a result of prison work; and the women who, through administering the reformatories, gained jobs, organization experience, and in some cases, public prominence.
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Leader of the Prison reform movement

Johnny cash advocated the prison reform during his meeting with the president Richard Nixon in the united states. H toured prisons in the U.S. and all over Europe and saw all the conditions of the prison.


"it is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails.a nation should not be judged by how it treats it's highest citizens,but its lowest ones." - nelson mandela

This means that no body knows the country well and until you see how they treat the prisoners and its high and low citizens.