PACT for Prevention

By: Darneshia Daniels

Plan Ahead!

  • Get Folic Acid every day.
Folic acid is a B vitamin. If a woman has enough folic acid in her body at least one month before and during pregnancy, it can help prevent major birth defects of the developing brain and spine.

  • See a healthcare professional regularly

Avoid harmful substances

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, and a range of lifelong physical, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities.

  • Avoid smoking cigarettes, marijuana, and other "street drugs"
  • Prevent Infections

Choose a Healthy lifestyle

  • Keep diabetes under control
  • strive to reach and maintain a healthy weight
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Talk with your healthcare provider

  • Talk to a healthcare provider about taking any medications
  • Talk to a healthcare provider about vaccinations (shots)