Orangutan Report

By Joe


Orangutans are a human like creatures that live in rainforest. There two species of orangutans the Sumatran (Pongo Abelii) and the Borneo (Pongo Pygeaus). Both of these species are endangered.


This human- like creature has huge feet and has orangey-red, stringy, long fur. It has big round eyes and flat chin making it have a semi-sphere mouth with human ears. Orangutans have thirty-two teeth and males are about 1.5m tall and 120kg. Females are around 1m and 45kg.


The habitat of the orangutan is the tropical rain forests tree tops of the Sumatran and the Borneo and Indonesian islands. Orangutans used to live in mainlands of Asia, but sadly the forests were encroached.


Orangutans live for up to 55 years. They give birth every 8 years, once the female and male have mated the male has no reason in the in the baby growing. The social skills for a female orangutan is better than the male. The female spends 25% of the day with others and the male spends 9% with others as he moves from tree to tree alone. The average day for an orangutan is 60% find food and 40% rest and relax.


There are many threats to this amazing creature. One of them is hunting, orangutans get hunted a lot so this is why they're endangered. There are only 40,000 left of these wonderful animals. Encroaching is another threat, this is where the homes of the forests and are being knocked down and are losing their homes.


Did you know? That orangutans strength is seven times better than the humans. The mating call can be heard from 2km away.


These are only a few of the facts of the Sumatran and Borneo orangutans.