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Tallwood Elementary School Staff Newsletter

Week of April 11, 2016

No Collaboration this week!

Upcoming Events in April

Week of April 11- Due to adjusted dismissal and work day, NO COLLAB THIS WEEK.

April 12- End of 3rd grading period.

April 12- Adjusted Dismissal ( your day to work in your classrooms)

April 12- Centerville Teachers visit to learn about Apple TV in room 35 1:30-2:00

April 13- No school for students- Teacher Work Day (Your day to work in your classrooms)

April 14- Begin 4th grading period

April 15- Parent of the Month 9:00 am

April 15- PTA Bingo 7 pm

April 18- SCA Hawaiian Day and School Volunteer Week

April 19- SCA Sunglasses Day

April 19- Kindergarten Registration

April 20- SCA Tie-Dye Day

April 20- Digital Anchor School Showcase Great Neck Middle School 4:00 pm

April 20- PIRATE DAY

April 20- Volunteer Breakfast

April 21- SCA Crazy Sock Day

April 26- K and 5th grade Cap and Gown Pictures

A BIG Thanks To...

Great Job Angie Clifton for being accepted into the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute 2016! Thanks to Leanna, Amanda E, Donna H, and Mary Bowen for demonstrating the Apple TV IPAD classroom use for other teachers. DF

I’d like to give Kudos to all of the Teachers/Specialists who have been so great to our STEP student’s mainstreaming into their classrooms/settings. Because of you all, our students are able to engage with peers and build on their social skills. Kudos! I’d also like to give Kudos to the friendly and amazing office staff Terrie, Brenda and Pam. Thank you for being so kind to me and helping me be able to do my job more efficiently! You all are the best! Molly Swan

Kudos to Geri Pattie for helping me solve a tech problem that felt unsolvable for over an hour. She turned my frustration into elation in a matter of minutes with a solution, a contagious laugh, and a much needed high five. I sure will miss her when she’s on maternity leave! - Keisha

I would like to thank the 5th grade team for all of their support and kindness during my takeover these last 9 weeks in Leanna's class. I would like to appreciate Melissa Duff for her over-the-top help hard work and selflessness throughout the last 9 weeks. She has a gift for teaching and makes every day of instruction filled with purpose and fun. Justine PC

Big thanks to Mr. Boyer for always stopping in to say hello and then being willing to stay and help. -Preschool

Kudos to Mrs. Knox for making sure that my room was especially clean before we came back into it this week. Kudos to Tammy and Mrs. Wilkerson for going out of their way to continuously assist my students WHENEVER NEEDED. Kudos to Susann and Robin for always making their way to my classroom to see all my friends! Kudos to Mr. Boyer for going out of his way to help me hang artwork in the hallway. Kudos to my 3 main ladies in the office for helping me solve all my problems! You are all REAL TRUE LIFE ROCKSTARS! CorieO

Thank you to Justine Pasion-Caiani for jumping in mid-year and for caring so much for our students. ~Heather Wren

Kudos to Geri Pattie who did a super awesome job training the students for TestNav7. I’m glad I was able to observe her expertise. Thank you for being such a great team player! Rachel

Kudos to Keisha for giving my students the opportunity to gain empathy and have fun at the same time. Kudos to Mary for keeping 2nd grade straight and organizing our upcoming zoo adventure. Kudos to Sharon, Rachel and Geri for continued tech support. Diane Dykes

I’m appreciative every week for being able to work with our two wonderful preschool teachers and with all the terrific assistants who provide much needed support to our little friends. Dak Edwards

A big thanks to Keisha, Geri, and Erica for planning an awesome learning activity for our kinderpups on the laptops. Thanks to Donna for letting me borrow the laptops last minute. Thanks to Sandy for learning all about the tech we are using, even when we use it last minute! Elizabeth Merce

This Week's PINS

Happy Birthday!

8- Megan Maher

13- Sharon Bulger

15- Mary Bowen

20-DAK Edwards

27- Susan McCarvill

29- Donna Brennan

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