Weekly Update

Holy Trinity Catholic School November 17th, 2022

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to Provide a High-Quality Education, and to Guide Children in Living the Catholic Faith.


Thank You for your amazing power and work in our lives,

thank You for Your goodness and for Your blessings over us.

Thank You that You are able to bring hope through even the toughest of times,

strengthening us for Your purposes.

Thank You for Your great love and care.

Thank You for Your mercy and grace.

Thank You that You are always with us and will never leave us.

Thank You for Your incredible sacrifice so that we might have freedom and life.

Forgive us for when we don't thank You enough,

for who You are, for all that You do, for all that You've given.

Help us to set our eyes and our hearts on You afresh.

Renew our spirits, fill us with Your peace and joy.

We love You and we need You, this day and every day.

We give You praise and thanks, for You alone are worthy!

In Jesus' Name, Amen.

A Note from Mrs. Longden

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving! Enjoy the time with family and friends.

The season has changed. It is fall, and winter is in the air. As we unpack our snuggly winter clothes, we might feel a sense of loss. Are we really ready for long underwear from now till
April? This sense of “I don’t like the cold” can taint our lives! Instead of greeting each day as a time of promise, we can face the day with a chip on our shoulder. “I don’t like to be cold. It is an irritation. I’m half-way to grumpy before I even begin the day.” This refusal to accept what is, the changing of the seasons, robs us of joy, energy, and opportunity. What a waste of brain power and energy! Our response to the weather can be a barometer of our level of acceptance.
On a more eternal note, our acceptance is a measure of our trust in God. This trust is often tied to our expectations. How often do we think, “Parenting is supposed to be more fun than this! I didn’t expect to spend my retirement providing care! I have finished my schooling – why isn’t my life filled with happily ever after?” As we go through life we tend to anticipate how our lives will unfold. How will I feel when I am 16? Or 65? Or 80? God has a way of surprising us. Maybe we have a child who has special needs. Perhaps a family member needs assistance with daily care. Perhaps we have an unexpected health issue, or the loss of a job or a loved one. Suddenly we are faced with a reality we never imagined. “Wait! This wasn’t my plan!” The way we accept what IS can be a measure of our holiness. Our trust in God can assure us that He knows what He is doing! We can struggle against our situation or we can be reassured that God is with us every step of the way, in spite of any obstacle or setback. We can let go of our expectations and embrace God’s plan for our life. We can find joy in what IS, instead of mourning what is NOT. When we do, we become an example, encouraging others who are walking through hard times. We can choose to accept those things we cannot change, with grace instead of grumbling. Happy Fall!


Mrs. Longden


The Catholic Identity staff committee is working to integrate teaching virtues and mannerisms to students. We would like to share the videos that we are watching in the classroom with you at home. They are quick, one to two minute family-friendly videos. We encourage you to implement these mannerisms in your daily lives.

This week's video... Serving Food

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“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3:17

“Names for Jesus”

Advent 2022

Dear Families,

As we look forward to entering this Advent season, we are reminded of the need to prepare for Christ’s coming. This year we are going to focus on learning about the different names that the Bible has for Jesus, and doing kind acts in the name of Jesus.

This year we have four weeks that we will be celebrating Advent in our school. Everyday the students will learn a new name for Jesus, hear the name in Scripture, and reflect on why that name is given to Jesus.

To demonstrate our theme of “Names for Jesus”, students will be challenged to complete an act of kindness everyday in the name of Jesus. Each week, students will receive a sheet to write down their acts of kindness and return that sheet the next week. The kind deeds sheet will become the hay in the manger on the bulletin boards to make Jesus' bed more comfortable with our kind deeds.

For the Advent season, the Holy Trinity School service project will be helping to stock the UCC Peace Church’s Peace Pantry. We will be collecting nonperishable food and winter weather clothing accessories (hats, gloves, scarfs). We ask that families donate one item every week during the Advent season. (see the service project flyer for more details)


Holy Trinity Staff

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Catholic Schools Walk

Money turned in: $8,751.00

Incentives earned in bold:

$500 Raised - 20 Minutes Extra Recess

$1000 Raised - Bingo Party

$2000 Raised - Pajama Party

$3000 Raised - Ice Cream Party

$5000 Raised - Movie & Popcorn Party

$10,000 Raised - Top 10 students can throw a pie in the face of Mrs. Longden or Father Strand

The following link will show our full amount donated: https://fundraise.givesmart.com/vf/SCHOOLSWALK/team/HolyTrinity

Pajama Day/Movie Day

We will be having our Pajama Day and Movie Day on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022.

Students can wear their pajamas during the day. We understand there is a Prayer Service in the morning, but we are still allowing students to wear their pajamas for that. We will have an all-school movie in the afternoon with popcorn. Students can bring a blanket with them for the movie. The movie we will be watching is Wall-E.

Home and School Event

Tuesday, November 22nd, Home and School will be putting on a Wreath Decorating Workshop in the School cafeteria.

See the attached file for more details.

Wreath and Poinsettia's should also be delivered around that time!

December Lunch Menu

Attached is the December Lunch Menu

Christmas Concert

The Christmas Concert will be on Monday, December 19th.

Times: 1:30 P.M. and 5:30 P.M.

Location: Holy Trinity Church

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Kettle Moraine Symphony Family Concert

The Kettle Moraine Symphony is having a family Christmas concert on December 3rd at 2pm at UWM-Washington County. Tickets are available for just a donation, and Santa will be there!

This concert is geared towards families and children- we would love to see as many kiddos as possible in attendance!

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Calendar of Cash

November 10th - Luke Hein

November 11th - Julie Schickert

November 14th - Bill & April Otten

November 15th - Tom Werner

November 16th - Audrey Struebing


Calendar of Cash 2023-2024

We will begin selling Calendar of Cash tickets for the 2023-2024 school year NOW.

An envelope with tickets is in this weeks Family Folder.

Any questions, please contact the school office.

If you sell all the tickets and would like more, please ask the school office.

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Upcoming Dates

Friday, November 18th - All School Mass - Baptism Mass (October/November Baptisms)

Tuesday, November 22nd - All School Thanksgiving Prayer Service

Tuesday, November 22nd - All School Pajama Day/ Movie Day

Tuesday, November 22nd - End of Trimester 1

Wednesday, November 23rd-25th - No School-Thanksgiving Break

Sunday, November 27th - Advent Begins

Monday, November 28th - Advent Prayer Service

Wednesday, November 30th - DARE Graduation

Wednesday, November 30th - 2nd Grade First Reconciliation

Monday, December 19th - Christmas Concert at 1:30 P.M. and 5:30 P.M.

Friday, December 23rd - No School-Start of Christmas Break

Monday, January 2nd - No School - Teacher In-service

Tuesday, January 3rd - School Resumes

Tuesday, January 17th - End of Semester (3K-5K)

Friday, January 20th - No School - Teacher In-service

January 29th-February 4th - Catholic Schools Week



December 2nd - Holy Trinity vs. Holyland

December 9th - St. Katherine Drexel vs. Holy Trinity

December 16th - Holy Trinity vs. Holyland

January 6th - Shepherd of the Hills vs. Holy Trinity

January 13th - Holy Trinity vs. St. Katherine Drexel

January 20th - Holyland vs. Holy Trinity

January 27th - Holy Trinity vs. St. Matt's

Weather Changes

As the weather is getting colder, it is important we remember to have the correct clothing here for recess. Please be sure your child is bringing the correct outside gear to wear! Thank you!
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Thanksgiving Community Dinner

Community Thanksgiving Dinner: Thursday, November 24, 2022, 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. St. Michael Hall

Advisory Commission

If you would like more information about joining or have something you would like Advisory to discuss, please email the Advisory Committee at advisorycommittee@htschool.net.