Project Update

Zion D&D Project in Illinois

Unit 2 Lower Casting Assembly Moved

Join us in congratulating the team at Zion for successfully moving the Unit 2 Lower Casting Assembly (LCA) from the Unit 2 Containment to the Unit 1 Containment. The move took approximately 12 hours and was completed on July 8, 2014. There were no safety, radiation/dose, human performance, or communication issues throughout the entire move. This work evolution was necessary in order to complete the Unit 2 Reactor Vessel Internals Segmentation project. The Unit 2 Lower Internals needed to be moved for interim storage in the Lower Internal Maintenance Stand in the Unit 1 Reactor Cavity until a suitable Transport Container can be designed, fabricated, and delivered to the site. The LCA will eventually be placed into the Unit 1 Vessel.

The move involved a Non-Standard Lift Plan which has not been executed in the past. This was a unique, first of-its-kind project in several key ways:

  • placing the LCA in a IP-1 bag while inside containment ,
  • placing the LCA on the transport fixture,
  • moving the LCA out of containment,
  • transporting the LCA from one unit to the other via the Heavy Haul Path,
  • moving the LCA into the Unit 1 containment, and
  • moving the Unit 1 LCA onto the Unit 1 Reactor Cavity Maintenance Stand.