Peter Noyes Friday Flyers

Week of September 1st

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Upcoming Events

September 6.....No school- Labor Day

September 7.....No school- Rosh Hashanah

September 8.....First day of school for PreK and Kindergarten

September 10.....Picture Day

September 13.....Picture day- rain date

September 15.....Early Release Day Dismissal 11:45

September 16.....No school- Yom Kippur

October 6.....Early Release Day Dismissal 11:45

October 11.....No School - Indigenous People's Day

October 20.....Early Release Day Dismissal 11:45

From The Desk of Annette Doyle

Dear Peter Noyes Families,

Hooray! We had a great start to our 2021-2022 school year this week! We were overjoyed to see all of our students and we look forward to welcoming our preschool and kindergarten students for their full sessions starting next week.

Don’t forget we do not have school on Monday and Tuesday next week. We return on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

SPS COVID Readiness Form

Did you complete the COVID Readiness Form for each of your Noyes children? We hope you do because testing is a vital element of our mitigation strategies. In order to participate in regular COVID testing, families need to grant permission for the new school year.

COVID Readiness Form

Free Breakfast is Really Snack

There has been some confusion about this and I know Mrs. Williams will be sending out more details next week, but I’ll sum it up for you here too. The short story is please feed your children breakfast because the item they are getting at school for “free breakfast” is not eaten until the class has their snack time, which can be in the afternoon. The reason this is so is because the students cannot eat in the classrooms because we cannot maintain 6 feet of distance there. Students eat their snacks outside or at a scheduled time in the cafeteria.

Radical Empathy

We are all so excited to be in school together and even though students are happy to be here, it is a lot of work “doing school.” With lining up, wearing masks, waiting turns, raising hands, learning and practicing new routines, well, it can be quite a lot. It is perfectly normal for students to fulfill all these expectations at school beautifully and come home and fall apart during these first few weeks of school. It’s simple. They are tired. They need a soft landing at home. This is where your radical empathy clicks in because they need your always-reliable love and support when they're irritable and a little out-of-sorts this month as they adjust to starting school. I promise they’ll be more “themselves” soon.

Thank you for everything you have done to prepare your children for school this week. Your partnership is vital to our students’ success and we appreciate you. It’s going to be a great year!


Annette Doyle


Car Pick-Up 101

Thank you to all the families who have been so flexible at car pick-up. Please see the following reminders to make pick-up smooth and safe

  • Have your car placard on the passenger side dashboard visible to all staff. (placards coming next week)
  • Please turn your hazard lights on as you enter the blacktop and then turn them off once you have your children in the car and are ready to go.
  • We load the outside lane first (lane 2). Please follow the instruction of the staff member at the gate.
  • Please do not get in line before 2:12 PM.

Picture Day!

Friday, Sep. 10th, 8am-2pm

Peter Noyes School!

Peter Noyes Picture Day is Friday, September 10, 2021. Please check your child's blue folder for an order form OR you may register online.