what is it? / what apps use it? / GPS good or bad?

what is GPS?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System Developed by the Department of Defence in 1973; GPS was originally designed to assist soldiers and military vehicles, planes, and ships in accurately determining their locations world-wide. Today, the uses of GPS have extended to include both the commercial and scientific worlds. Commercially, GPS is used as a navigation and positioning tool in airplanes, boats, cars, and mobile phones

what apps use GPS?

hundreads of apps use GPS from the facebook app to a  route planning app. The weather in your local area or an app for finding your nearest cafe, restaurent or shop. GPS is used all the time.

GPS good or bad?

GOOD - If you have lost your device it can be found using GPS, If someone is lost they can be found, using GPSYou can plan your route so you know where you are and how far you have to go, You can tell someone exactly where you are.  BAD -You can be stalked, Your parents know exactly where you are, It’s not always accurate whilst flying.

what else could you use GPS for?

you could use gps to help you in lots of different ways. An example is giving your pet collar with GPS in it so that if you lost them you wouldnt have to run around worried you can see where they are. or what about if your on holiday and you are worried about your luggage or it gets lost, you can find where it is.