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Friday, January 17, 2020


Mrs. Close's Class ~ The kids have completed both of the January CML and MO competitions. We will review them during the upcoming week and they'll come home next Friday. Unit 4 tests have been returned. Test questions 4 and 5 are not included in the grade of the test. Those skills require more practice for most of the students. I am providing the opportunity for kids to make test corrections. Those corrections must be done on a separate sheet of paper and returned with the test by Wednesday, January 22. Up to half of the points lost can be earned back! All tests, corrected or not, need to be signed and returned by Wednesday, January 22nd.

We did begin Unit 5 today. In our new unit, students will explore the whole in fractions as well as adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. They will use those computation skills to answer questions about line plots as well. In addition, students will be introduced to adding tenths and hundredths as well as building on their knowledge of rays to explore angles. A pink Family Letter can be found in your child's Friday Folder. Please reference the letter as needed throughout the unit.

Mrs. Gleason's Class ~ Next week we will finish the lessons for Module 3. We will review and then take the test on Wednesday, January 29th. The assessment will cover multiplication, division, factors, multiples, and multi-step word problems. Our next module is the geometry module. The children will learn about different lines, angles, and shapes. They will learn how to measure and draw angles using a protractor. There are many new words for the children to learn in this module.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We have spent a good portion of our time since we returned working on three and four digit division with single digit divisors. While it was a long time teaching this concept, I believe that most of the kids have a good understanding of the concept. Next week we will be moving to our last section for this module. We will be discussing factor pairs and prime/composite numbers. My hope is that we will finish this module on Friday and the following week we will review and assess the module. This week we also spent some time completing the winter IReady math diagnostic test. I will be sharing those results with the kids later next week, after I have a chance to peruse the data. Our next module is a module on geometry. We will learn about the different types of angles, triangles and shapes. In this module we will learn to measure angles using protractors. We will continue to work on multiplication and division until I am satisfied that ALL of the kids have mastered the concept.

ELA/Social Studies

Google Slideshows ~ The week before Christmas break, kids worked in pairs to research John Cabot, Giovanni de Verrazzano, Samuel Champlain, or Henry Hudson. They then began to pull their findings together to build google slideshows to present to the class. Many kids presented this week and we'll finish up in the week to come!

PAWS ~ "The Best Restaurant in Canandaigua" is the newest task. I love reading kids' ideas and what they view as important!

Small Groups ~ Each group has finished their chapter books and have written or are in the process of writing a book review. We'll spend the next four weeks working with shorter text that we can easily manage within 2-3 days of instruction. That way we won't have any loose ends with long chapter books before February break.

Picture Book Friday ~ Caroline read us Meanwhile....by Jules Feiffer. The kids did an awesome job of generating several themes of the story!

Fiction vs NonFiction ~ We work on telling the difference between fiction and nonfiction on a weekly basis. You'll notice that I even asked for the difference on today's Friday Exit Ticket. I am working hard for the kids to recognize that if a text has characters and a story-line or plot, then it's fiction. If the text has information and/or facts, then it's nonfiction. They get wrapped up in real and fake. When that happens, they categorize realistic fiction as nonfiction because it's "real." Please feel free to help me at home with the idea that fiction has characters and plot and nonfiction has facts and information. Thank you!

Big picture


Our new unit is magnetism and electricity! They have read about some cool experiments and even watched today that our dollar bills have iron in them! Be sure to ask about that!

Classroom Happenings........

This week we gained a new member! The kids welcomed Angel with big arms and have been so supportive as he transitions to a new building, new teacher, and new classmates. I couldn't be more proud!

Also, Izzy and Grace competed last week in the Fourth Grade Spelling Bee! It's commendable that they both qualified and made it deep into the competition. It's not easy being on stage, let alone spelling words aloud. Way to go ladies!

Valentine's Day

I know it's five weeks from today, but it's on my mind! Kids are welcome to bring valentines to share with their classmates as long as they bring one for each student in our class. I will put a class list in next week's Friday Folder. Please don't worry about a box or container for your child to bring in to collect their cards. We are going to make compliment bags. The sign-up for our ice cream party is below. Thanks for always supporting our special events!

Important Dates

January 20 ~ MLK Jr. Day - No School

January 31 ~ Half Day for Superintendent's Conference Day - Dismissal begins at 11:40

February 14 ~ Valentine's Day Party

February 17-21~ Winter Break, No School