Around the Coastal plains in Texas

Travel Journal


The area of smith country where lindale sits was inhabited long before the town was founded in1871.In the early 19th century,the cad do indians were the area's primary inhabitants; their artifacts can still be found along streams in the area. the area also was home to Cherokee Indians, who were forced out when the republic of Texas was founded in 1836
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Huntsville-Sam houston statue

If we were going to gouston , then of course we would have to visit the sam houston statue, even though we only got out of the car. for about 20 minutes. it was still really cool to stop at the 67ft tall statue. Once we were done we headed on our way to houston
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Houston-san jacinto river

we stopped by the san Jacinto river this river is a very big river it goes east to west. we had a very good time looking at it it is very cool. while we were looking at the river we had a picnic. there is a lout of trash in this lake because of people throghing trash in it so they have to clean this lake a lot! this river had flooded a lot of time and it has lead to death for some people
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LaSalle sailed from Rochefort, France on august 1, 1684, to seek the mouth of the Mississippi river by sea. LaSalle went down to the gulf of Mexico to claim the rivers and valleys. LaSalle found a lot of land and rivers to claim for France that's why Louisiana is french and also Lasalle named Louisiana .LaSalles very own men turned(mutiny) on their own leader and murdered him.

San Antonio- Alamo

When we went through San Antonio we stopped by the Alamo. Admission was free so we were happy that we got to save some money for the tour. We had two options, go on the Alamo tour which cost $25 dollars each. Or go on the Alamo Battle Field tour which cost only $10 each. We decided to go on the Battle Field tour to save some extra cash, so in total it would be $43.30. There are about five to six rooms in the Alamo. One of the rooms we visted was the room, that had the most blood after the battle. It’s a small room with little bench like seats, and a perjector screen in the front. Once you go in they lock the door ask you to take a seat, it can take in about eight-teen people at once. The video we watch told us the basic history on the famous Alamo battle. It talked about the people that were there, the date and time of day, any servivers and of course Santa Anna. After our tour we went out side the Alamo and took a few pictures of us standing in front of it and got some dippin dots ice cream, i got vanilla. And after that we got back on the road as our trip continued.