What's Happening in PBS?

Week of 11/17-11/21


For this week, we are all about food! Today in class the kids started their macromolecule lab. They only got a few tests done, but they will continue working on it tomorrow. We will finish up the lab on wednesday with a class discussion and conclusion questions.

Thursday and Friday we will be working on analzying food labels and what each nutrient really does for the body and talk about how to make healthy decisions for what to intake. We will also talk about Anna, who is a diabetic, and analyze her food choices before her death.

Since next week is a short week....here is the game plan for that:

Monday we will continue the food labels assignment (it's a big one!) and we will finish that up on Tuesday. The students will also get an update to their ePortfolio that they need to finalize and turn in.

Finally, tomorrow we will be having a HOSA meeting for select members. Students must be interested in one of the following areas to attend:
  1. Be genuinely interested in competing at state HOSA in the spring.
  2. Be willing to work on the Christmas Party Committee to help plan our upcoming Christmas Party.

The meeting will be in my room from 2-3 tomorrow.

As for our Hot Beverage selling fundraiser - its going great! The students are loving it and it has been really successful thus far! If your kids still want PD points for bringing in K-Cups, that's great...but Hot Chocolate seems to be our #1 seller and we need more! So please bring in Hot Chocolate if that is a possibility! We will be selling for quite some time still!

Also - I have the papers for the twitter project, so if students didn't attend the meeting and still want to participate in the project for PD points, they just have to come in and get the papers from me.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Have a great week and thanksgiving break!

Mrs. Weiss