Disney Effect

Hannah Trotman

Disney movies into restaurants

Its in fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. References from the song " Be Our Guest". opened in 2012, its also French inspired. Their is also gift shop from the area from where Bell lived in the movie

Employee's rules and more

  1. It does not matter if its your job you help the guest with their asking.
  2. Every on needs to know where everything is.
  3. Facial hair needs to be fully grown, trimmed and or shaved.
  4. No shaving eyebrows and men's hair needs to be a short, girls need to take care of their hair.
  5. Same autograph for the same characters.
  6. No visible tattoos, no tongue piercing and ear gauging.
  7. Cast members can not lean down to pick up trash must scoop it up.
  8. Codes for anything that goes wrong.
  9. Go by first names.
  10. To show the derations they need to use whole hand or many fingers to point.
  11. Characters don't know other ones that our not in THEIR movie.

And many more

Characters roles

  1. Princesses have to be 5'4" and 5'7"
  2. Look the part.
  3. Know quotes from their movies.
  4. Fairies, Alice, and Wendy are 4'11 - 5'2"
  5. The ages and 18- 23 few 25-27 and some over 27.
  6. Not allowed to post or talk about things we did as a character.
  7. Cant say no.

And of course some same rules as cast members.

The effects on me that Disney

When my sister went on her make a wish trip when went to Disney world and I was about 5 to 6 and I was in love with the original Disney Princesses. I got to see the princesses that I loved and when I saw them I was really happy. They hugged me till I let them go which is what you need when you are there because your sister might not live the next week. The one person I really wanted to see but every time I went she was not there so we called some one that was up high and they told us that she was there and I got to see Snow White the last day we were there.