Southern Corroboree Frog

By Scott and Jack


The southern corroboree frog has yellow and black stripes on its back. It has a length of 2.3-3cm. Its call is a short "squelch" sound.


It is found in bogs of the northern Snowy Mountains and in the Kosciuszco National Park.

Habitat and Ecology

It breeds and lives in pools and in wet grass lands. It eats small black ants and other invertebrates.


It breeding sites are being damaged by feral pigs and horses. There is also a disease called chytrid fungus that is killing these frogs.

Recovery Strategies

We need to undertake off-site rearing of tadpoles and frogs to increase the survival rate of them and provide stock for reintroduction into the wild. We need to protect breeding sites from damage by pigs and horses.

Two Men on the Great Divide: Corroboree Frog

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