Moral and Ethical Aspects

Why it is okay

It is the woman's right no matter what the circumstances might be. The aspect of Roe vs. Wade comes into play. If the baby effects the mothers health at all or may cause her to die if she keeps it, and also reproductive health. People's political aspects on abortion. The woman's access to birth control. Improving health care for women.

Why it is not okay

We as people shoudl define human embroys as people from the moment of conception. Personhood is bigger then we make it out to be. The saying, "We are all made in the image of God" also has a part in it. There's a heartbeat after just 7 days. Brain waves are detected in 6 weeks. The baby starts kicking and swimming in 7 weeks. Organs are in place at week 8. When we abort a child, the fetus dies just as a human adult or child would die. When the abortion process is taking place, the fetus bleeds to death and is torn limb from limb until it is crushed small enough to take out of the mother the same way it would've been born.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Should abortion continue to be legal as stipulated by Roe vs. Wade? Why or why not?

No. If you made the choice to have sex, than you need to keep what you created. If you don't want them than put them up for adoption so they can be placed with a family who actually does want them. If you were raped or didn't have a choice, then put it up for adoption. Who knows, one day that little 6.5 lb baby could cure an "uncurable" disease.

What are medical implications of the constitutionality of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act?

This would cut some what back for those in the medical field. More women would be having babies, but there would be less abortion, so less jobs to those who do that procedure and are in that department. Although, it would help those who are in the delivery department.

My Opinion

I hate abortions with a passion. Imagine losing one of your children at the age of 2. What's the difference if you kill an unborn child? It is still a child and it is still yours. I think it's disgusting and pathetic. I think if you abort your child then you shouldn't be able to have children, period. That's just my opinion.