The Military & Space Heroes Museum

Frankenmuth, MI

Michigan's Military & Space Heroes Museum will have exhibits at the GEARup2LEAD Fall Conference

Michigan's Military & Space Heroes Museum (MMSHM) is a one of a kind destination. Our mission is to Honor, Respect and Remember the memories of Michigan men and women who heeded the summons to military service during America’s seven foreign wars.
Michigan's Military & Space Heroes Museum contains:
· 8 remarkable galleries
· 150 active displays containing the personal stories of Michigan service men and women
· Over 700 total personal collections and thousands of unique artifacts.
· The nations largest public display of Congressional Medals of Honor, with 29 of them currently on display.
· Displays on Michigan’s space pioneers and of our states astronauts
· WWI “Polar Bear” Regiment displays (The only Americans to ever fight Russians on Russian Soil)

Stop by their table and learn about local heroes

John Ryder, Executive Director

Michigan’s Military and Space Heroes Museum



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