Tustumena Staff Newsletter

for the week of February 4, 2013

From parent newsletter

Regardless of the weather, the school year is marching right along. For example, by the end of the February, our sixth grade families will be gearing up for the 2013-14 school year by attending the SMS, KMS, or other middle school orientation programs. The earlier you register the greater the likelihood your child will receive the elective classes they are most interested in.

The meetings about school configuration in the greater Soldotna area continue. Our site team had an open discussion about the option of configuring the schools as K-6 schools (Tustumena, Sterling, K-Beach, Soldotna Elementary, Redoubt, and Montessori,) feeding into two middle schools grades 7-9, and one high school. There will be an open meeting at each of the schools on February 11 at 7pm. The Tustumena meeting will be held in our library. Community members are welcome at any of the meetings. The information presented will be the same at each meeting but the questions may have different perspectives depending on the site. Administrators will gather feedback at the end of each meeting. This feedback will inform a report that will be presented to the School Board. For more information you may wish to visit these two links: http://bit.ly/SoldotnaAreaSchoolsKPBSD. or the January 10 meeting recap link is direct to the PDF: http://bit.ly/10January2013.


From Pegge Erkeneff:

They will be posted to the district webpage (along with additional text) late on Friday after 5:00: http://bit.ly/SoldotnaAreaSchoolsKPBSD

· The Peninsula Clarion ran an article yesterday. This is the link in case you didn’t see it. There was an error in the initial print version that has been corrected online, and also a correction note was printed in today’s paper: http://bit.ly/12e8LsS “Schools to Talk About Change” by Rashha McChesney

Just for further proof that the school year is blazing by, our 3rd end of quarter in-service day is just a little over a month off. On March 8 there will be no school for our kids, but our teachers will be focused on collaboration. As I have observed the Tustumena teachers this year one thing stands out- they are exceptional teachers. The best resource for them to improve their practice is working with each other, so we will spend most of our time on March 8 examining effective and efficient practices of collaboration focused on improving student learning. I am looking forward to spending time and working with these professionals as we sharpen skills. The cliché I use most often to describe our professional development is “As iron sharpens iron,” We will also spend time clarifying how our vision and practice supports the overall vision of KPBSD. ( The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District will empower all students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and insights necessary to live rewarding, productive lives, prepared to contribute to the global community.)

Things we talk about.

Minutes and agenda


Lynx Tracks field trip info

looking into tubing, River City Cheer, Jumpin Junction for 3rd quarter

Set on swimming pool May 15-17 for 4th quarter. Be sure to vote option A or B.

Collaboration discussion- Looking at starting Feb or March

Intermediate team is going to problem solve the kids without coats issue

The district really needs help on the Math Curriculum Committee writing quarterly assessments


What is our lipmus paper?

For the good of the order.

What's coming up?

February 1- D/W Battle of the Books grades 3/4

February 1- Carnival- 5:30 to 8:30

February 6- D/W Battle of the Books grades 5/6

February 7-8, Parent/Teacher Conferences

February 11- Soldotna Area School Configuration Information meeting - 7pm- Library

February 14- Valentines Day

February 14- 4th Grade NAEP Testing

February 15- Mighty Meatballs Itailan Dinner 6th Grade Fundraiser

February 19- PTO meeting- 4pm

February 25- Site Counsel Meeting - 4pm

February 26- SMS 6th Grade Parent Night Orientation @ SMS 6:30 pm