Oil Sands in Canada

Good or Bad?

Where are they?

These oil sands are located in Alberta. Mostly in the Athabasca region along the Athabasca river. Canada's motive to double the oil production is simple, money. Canada's government clearly does not care about the environmental destruction these oil sands are causing, that's because they're still getting their money. But the destruction it is causing is being underestimated.
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Environmental Problems

These oil sands affect the environment in many ways. These companies have to cut down trees in the area they want to mine in. Also, the chemicals in the water kill fish or give them tumors. They're slowly destroying the environment in that area. And it's all for the money. That's all the government cares about clearly.
The Alberta Oil (Tar Sands): Canadian Prosperity - Global Nightmare

Health Threats?

Eating fish in this area could be dangerous. There are dangerous metals in the Athabasca river that can be seriously dangerous when you eat the fish that swims in it. Doctors like Dr. John O'Connor have had patients with serious, rare, cases of cancer from eating fish that swim in the Athabasca waters. It also affects crops people grow in their backyards. These crops also get infected with these metals and residents of that region get seriously sick.

Bad Idea

In my opinion, these oil sands are terrible for the environment and people living the area. Canada's idea of doubling the production of this oil is disgusting. They know what it's doing to the environment and how it's affecting so many people but they couldn't care less. The levels of Mercury (and other metals) in the water need to massively decrease or else the situation will just worsen. Levels of cancer will rise even more unless we find a cure for these rare types of cancer. The worst part about this is the fresh water being used to treat this oil. Water is the world's most valuable resource, and everyone knows the levels of fresh, drinkable water are decreasing overtime. The oil production is one of the major reasons for the decreasing of the levels of fresh water. People from Fort Chipewyan are scared of this because soon enough they will have no fresh water to drink or even fish to eat. So why double or even continue this production Canada?