By Randall Raposo

Some Strange is in the air.... (1)

1. Lake Windsor is a very strange place. A incomplete school where only 1/3 of the kids who go there get to go inside the building.

2. Strange muck fires lasting many years , and its smoke cover the land like a invincible plague haunting the lands without care.

3. Tangerine trees, being burned down, like a massacre. To clear more land.

4.Foot ball tryouts for Erick, there was no need but he went anyways.

5. Paul reveals that his father wasn't interested in football until Erick gets good at it

6.mom is spying on Erick's friend,gathering information

7. mom likes to be involved in the community

8. Paul's try outs go well

9.Paul notices the very good soccer team

10. Paul's friend shows the teams ace,there future captain

The fisher frenzy (2)

Paul's life is a lot different when compared to Erick's life.Paul spends more time with his mother,while Erick spends more time with the father. Erick is the star of the football team,while Paul is pretty good in soccer.Paul isn't what most people call "cool", while Erick has a lot of friends.

Death! (3)

Erick tells the family that Mike is dead. Erick says that Mike flew up in the air where he died. Erick says mike left side was burned.Paul see that Erick and Aurther were enjoying the fact mike was dead.

Causes and effects (4)

In every afternoon there is a storm. Lighting from the storm cause muck fires.Mike's death means that Erick and Aurther benefit. Paul now thinks Erick killed him. Paul being good at being a goalie,means that Paul gets on the team.

Soccer Tryout!

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 6pm

Tangerine, FL, United States

Tangerine, FL

Become a soccer player,and in the process become popular,get local fame and become good at soccer. You must be good at soccer and be ready to play in the rain as it always rains in the afternoon. Bring soccer shoes and use your shoes to score points! Good luck!