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"For one kid this moment changes his life"

A 12 year old boy named Michael Arroyo who lives in the Bronx with his 17 year old brother Carlos who works 2 jobs to pay the bills since there father passed away in Cuba and if social services find out their secret of living alone they will get sent back to Cuba.The baseball league Michael plays for does not believe that he is 12 and has that good of a arm for a pitcher.Micheal gets suspended from the league and the only way to play in time for the big game their playing is to get a birth certificate to authenticate Michael's age.Michael's team makes it to one of their biggest games before they go to Williams port for their finals.Michael had slipped a note into the pitcher of the New York Yankees pitchers pocket to ask his daughter to give him a call to say sorry for acting mean to her when they met.The pitcher gets with social services and talks about Michael birth certificate and ends up getting it in time for the game.They win the game by his outstanding pitching and are headed to the yankee stadium for the finals Michael's dream had come to to make it inside of the stadium all his life he was outside looking in not he is inside..''In the end everything works out".


I chose this book becuase i like baseball and i play the sport as well.My favorite part of the book occurred when Michael got to go into the Yankee stadium and his dream came true.In my opinion,the book is very fun to read and grabbed my attention and made me wants to keep reading on and on.I would recommend this book to any body who likes sports and wants a good novel to read to pass time.

I give this book 5 stars

I gave this book 5 stars because you never know whats happening next.It is a very fun, interesting, and funny book to read.
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