First Week Newsletter

Mrs. Kooy's U.S. History Class

Introduction to Parents

Hello! I am Mrs. Kooy and I am going to be your student's US History teacher this year.
I have a lot of interesting activities planned for them. We are going to work on writing, analysis, and other necessary skills!

Contact Information

Mrs. Kooy

Phone: (317)-555-1234
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Students and Parents

Rules & Expectations!

This school year, I have a number of expectations and rules for students.
1. Students, please do your best to show up on time and be ready to start class by the time the bell rings.
2. Please come to class prepared with your notebook as well as other tools necessary for our class. (This will vary by class and I will always let you know in advance what you need.)
3. All students are required to be respectful of the opinions and ideas of others. Diversity of thought and person is encouraged. Disrespect and lack of acceptance are prohibited.
4. All work submitted must be original and your own.

Class Website

If you scan this QR code, it will take you to our class website where you can find other information about our class as well as the syllabus and assignments!