Max Ernst

85 Years

Background History

Max Ernst was born in Bruhl, Germany. In 1909 he went to the University of Bonn to study philosophy, art history, and literature. He was fascinated with mentally ill patients in asylums, and the artwork that they made. His father was a teacher of the deaf, and was an amateur painter. Max was the third of nine children in his family.


Max Ernst was mainly involved in the art movement called surrealism. Elements of surprise, and unexpected images are main parts of surrealist works. Ernst influenced this movement with a new kind of technique called frottage. Frottage is usig the pencil rubbings of objects to create texture.

L'Ange du foyer ou Le Tripmphe du surrealisme

This is my favorite of Ernst paintings, because of the pure randomness of it. It has many different colors, as well as different textures.