7 Burgundy Newsletter


Upcoming Events

  • Field Trip in October to Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • Labor Day-NO SCHOOL

Social Studies


I loved getting to know the students a little better with their 3 Object assignment. What exciting lives some of them have been leading!

We are focusing on some basic map skills this week along with a hands-on latitude/longitude activity on the football field. Students will be taking the 7th gr. Common Assessment during the block periods Wed. & Thurs. of this week. Next week we will be creating videos to explain latitude and longitude, map scale and time zones as a way to demonstrate our understanding of these concepts.

After mastering map skills we will turn our focus to Early Man.

Language Arts

Thank-you for some AMAZING perspectives that you shared with your Bragging Rights. It is great to see what well-rounded and well-loved students we get to share this year.

We will begin our first novel next week. We will be reading Jack London's, A Call of the Wild. In Advanced Language Arts, we will be reading Mark Twain's, Tom Sawyer. In both classes, I will be reading aloud an autobiography, Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat. Students will be completing different writing assignments that compare different aspects of the novel to the autobiography.

Check out my website for weekly schedules.




It has been a great first few weeks with students; I've enjoyed getting to know them all! We are currently working on the Scientific Method. So, we will be busy with lots of different hands on activities and labs!!!

Please pay close attention to my website and the classroom calendar. I will make sure to have extra copies attached to the calendar. Also, everything given in class can be found in each of the Units located in the right hand column on my homepage. Everything we are working on is currently located in the Unit 1: Scientific Processes.

Important Dates:

September 23rd or 24th (depending on block schedule): Test on Scientific Processes



All math students are beginning the year by learning about addition and subtraction of rational numbers. Homework for each class may be found in my website calendar.