Heritage High School

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Information

Monday, June 8 (Chromebooks, Senior Items)

Who - Senior Students, Academy of Science & Academy of Engineering Students + Those Needing Medication & DEC-1 “Pink Card” Pickup

What - Drop Off - Chromebooks given to LCPS Department of Digital Innovation (DDI) staff members (ZONE 2 - Entrance to School Building).

What - Picking-Up – Medication (ZONE 1 - Stadium Ticket Booth). Senior students will pick up honor cords, senior t-shirts and any awards (ZONE 3 - Just beyond ZONE 2 and along the front of the school building). EVERY SENIOR WILL have a bag to pick up before departing the school campus.

What It is Not - THIS IS NOT a drop off for textbooks, library books, uniforms, etc.. Also, this is not a day to pick up items left behind in a locker or classroom. This is an alteration of our original announcement back in May . Once LCPS buildings are open again for visitors, times will be established as to when such items can be dropped off or picked up.

Notes about Chromebook Drop-off

Only the following students will be required to turn in their computers before the end of the school year:

  • Graduating Seniors

  • Academy of Engineering Students

  • Academy of Science Students

  • Students un-enrolling or moving out of the county

print and complete this form and bring it with you prior to turn-in.

For your reference, we have provided some frequently asked questions regarding the computer collection process.

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Times for Medication & Pink Card Pickup

When - Monday, June 8. One Day Only - No Appointment is Needed ( 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.)

Special Note to Seniors and Select Students Relating to Chromebook Collection & Tuesday, June 9 Rain Date Information

If it is necessary for you to drop off your Chromebook or retrieve your Senior student bagged items on the Tuesday, June 9 rain date, the same alphabetical order of operations that is in place on Monday, June 8 will be used on this date as well.

Due to Tuesday, June 9 being the first day of Heritage High School graduation ceremonies and also being the DDI Chromebook backup date for those seniors and academies students who cannot make it on June 8, all efforts to assist with minimizing the potential traffic impact and taking care of this matter on Monday, June 8 would be greatly appreciated.

It is extremely important to bring both the computer and charger for turn-in. Students who do not turn in their computer and/or charger, will receive an invoice from the school district.

Again, THIS IS NOT a designated rain date for the drop off of textbooks, library books, uniforms, etc.. for the general school population. Open office hours to drop off or retrieve items from the building will be announced at a later time after it is announced that LCPS buildings are open again for visitors.

Vehicle Procedure and General Rules

  • Enter the school grounds at the Evergreen Mill Road traffic light/main entrance.

  • All vehicles entering the school grounds are asked to have displayed in their front window the First and Last Name of the student who is being assisted. The name information should be written boldly and or printed in dark print on an 8x11 piece of white paper.

  • Upon entry, all vehicles will be stopped by an attendant.

  • While at the attendant, the driver of the vehicle will only be asked one question - are you here to pick up medication? If yes, you will be directed to the stadium ticket booth. If not, you will be waved to proceed towards the front of the building for the Chromebook drop off.

General Safety Rules to Follow During Pick Up and Drop Off

  • With the exception being the off-path route to the clinic station for medication, all other vehicle passengers must always remain in their vehicle.

  • When bringing the Chromebook to be dropped off, we ask that it be placed in either the trunk or far back of the vehicle for the DDI staff member to quickly take it out and retrieve.

  • The attendants at the pickup station will refer to the written and/or printed name in the windshield to quickly retrieve the alphabetized bag to be issued to you.

  • Drive in a Single File & Do Not Pass another vehicle until directed to do so by an attendant

Medication Pick Up

The State of Virginia and Department of Education requirements does not allow the storage of medications at a school site over the summer. Any medication remaining after the final pick up event will be destroyed.

This station will be located at the athletic stadium ticket booth and will require that you exit your vehicle to pick up and sign out your medication.

Medication Pick Up Procedures and Precautions

  • Please bring your Driver’s License or some form of identification.

  • Do not approach the ticket booth window until summoned.

  • Always maintain 6 ft. social distancing.

  • Face masks or cloth face coverings are encouraged.

  • Bring your own pen to write with.

  • Students with permission to self-carry; epi pens, inhalers and diabetic supplies can pick up their medication, all other medication, including, over the counter medication must be picked up by parent/guardian.

  • All controlled and over the counter medication must be picked up by parent/guardian.

  • Nurse will obtain the student's name and DOB from the parent/guardian.

  • Nurse will compare the student name and DOB provided by the parent/guardian with the medication or supplies to be picked up. This will be done to assure you are receiving your student’s medication and/or supplies.

  • Nurse will count and record the dispensed medication on the receipt form beforehand.

  • Nurse will slide the medication and receipt through the ticket booth window.

  • Parent/guardian will take medication/supplies and step back from the window.

  • Nurse will confirm receipt form completion and the process is then complete.

  • Nurse and or assistant will then wipe down the used ticket booth window area (metal surface) and/or used pen with disinfectant after each pickup.

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The smooth running car line at Heritage on Friday, May 29th