The Buzz in Room 218!

Mrs. Crickenberger's Class-May 1st Edition

SOL Dates & Information

It is hard to believe it is time for our SOL testing to begin. We have been diligently working to prepare for our upcoming tests. I also want to thank you for your support over the last few weeks when the students have been studying Social Studies and Science at home. Please remember that students should get a good night's sleep and eat a healthy breakfast so that they are refreshed and ready to go! Testing will begin around 8:15, please try to ensure your child arrives at school on time.

  • Tuesday 5/3: Virginia Studies
  • Friday 5/6: Science
  • Thursday 5/12: Reading Part 1
  • Friday 5/13: Reading Part 2
  • Thursday 5/19: Math Part 1
  • Friday 5/20: Math Part 2

SOL Retake Information

Albemarle County School will be extending a retest opportunity to elementary students who meet the State's criteria. Eligible students are those who have passed the class, but failed the test with a score of 375 to 399. If your child falls into the retest range we will be calling you to check and see whether or not you would like your child to take an SOL retake in that subject area. If you would further information on the retake process please take a look on at the BES webpage at the link below, or email me:

End of Year Activities/Needs

  • Last Monday, a light orange paper went home in Monday folders about family donations for Lake Monacan and Moving Up Day. Please refer to this paper for more information. If you need a new copy just email me and I will send one home with your child.
  • Last Monday, a hot pink paper went home about our end of year T-shirt tie dye project. All students need to send in a white (or light colored) t-shirt to be tie dyed. Please write your child's name in the tag/collar of the shirt with a permanent marker. All T-shirts must be turned in by May 20th. If your child is unable to provide a shirt please let me know and I will reach out for additional donations. Likewise, if you purchase a multi-pack and would like to donate some of the extra shirts that would also be appreciated.
  • On Monday a green paper will go home from Mrs. Greenwood that describes an end of year rotation she will be doing with all classes. It will involve food, but she will not be using products that contact nuts (peanuts and/or tree nuts) or gluten. She has requested that if you child has an allergy other that those listed to please let her know.


  • All reading groups have (or they will very soon) finish up their realistic fiction novels. We will now begin to explore different types of poetry. Beginning the week of May 9th, students will begin working on poetry anthology projects. The students will be asked to research poems on their chosen topic, analyze the poems looking for all types of figurative language, write a response to the poems, and then create a few poems of their own. Next week we will begin brainstorming anthology topic ideas.

Word Study & GLOW

  • We are continuing our new word study program called GLOW (Greek/Latin Origin Words). This is a program that all students will be doing during homeroom time on Thursdays. Here is some additional information about GLOW:
  • GLOW incorporates images and provides opportunities for students to learn both socially and recursively. We paired roots and affixes with images because humans are able to recall images, even images we've seen just once, with great reliability, even after long periods of time**. We created lessons that encourage social interaction because, according to Robert Marzano in his book Building Academic Vocabulary: Teacher's Manual (page 29), "interacting with other people about what we are learning deepens the understanding of everyone involved." GLOW provides recursive learning opportunities because the more we see, hear, and speak, the greater our chance or remembering. According to the ASCD's Educational Leadership article, "The Words Students Need" (October 2010), "probably the most consistent finding related to good vocabulary instruction is that students need multiple exposures to a word to learn it well (Lawrence, 2009; Nagy, Herman, & Anderson, 1985)."
  • Word Study and Root Word Study groups are continuing to meet. Students who are in homeroom word study will be getting their sort assigned each Monday. The students will then have the next few days to complete their word work online in Google Classroom, and it will be submitted to me on Friday afternoon. They will also take their quizzes on Friday. For students in Root Word Study with Mrs. Dettmann they will take their quizzes and turn in all assigned work every other Thursday.


  • After reading the book entitled, "Momma, Where Are You From?", students have been writing their own poems that go along with the idea of reflecting what makes them who they are. These poems will be part of our end of year display and will be hanging with their self-portraits.

Social Studies & Science

  • Last week we finished up our last Science unit, on Light & Sound. I loved getting to see all of your children's amazing instrument creations!
  • Last week, and also some this coming week, we will continue to review Science and Social Studies information in order to help students prepare for the upcoming SOL tests. Any time they could spend reviewing at home would be greatly appreciated!

Birthday Celebrations

Every child loves to feel special that one day of the year. If you so choose, your child may share a treat with his or her classmates on or near his or her birthday. Treats are generally shared between 11:20-11:30 am. We have two students in our classroom with known food allergies to gluten and tree nuts. Their families are prepared to send in alternative treats that fit their dietary needs, so please let me know prior to bringing in classroom treats so that we can plan accordingly.

Important Dates

  • May 3rd-Virginia Studies SOL test
  • May 5th-Science SOL test
  • May 12th-Reading Part 1 SOL test
  • May 13th-Reading Part 2 SOL test
  • May 19th-Math Part 1 SOL test
  • May 20th-Math Part 2 SOL test
  • May 23rd-May 27th-End of Year Teacher Rotation Fun!
  • May 30th-No School (Memorial Day)
  • May 31st-Lake Monacan Trip
  • June 1st-Lake Monacan Trip (rain date)
  • June 3rd-Field Day
  • June 6th-Moving Up Ceremony (more information to come soon!)
  • June 7th-Last Day of School!

The fifth grade "Moving Up" ceremony is tentatively scheduled for Monday 6/6. There will be more information on this, as well as other end of year activities, but I thought you may want to go ahead and mark your calendars.