Betty Friedan and Elvis Presley

Betty Friedan

She is the author of the groundbreaking 1963 book about women and society called, The Feminine Mystique. She wrote this book where she lived, Peoria, Illinois. The cause of Betty writing this book was so people, mostly men, could see the troubles and what women went through. This book was because of the unhappiness in women with the way they lived. Resulting in the publishing of this book, some people saw the problem with the way that American women lived. While others criticized the book and gave women more disrespect. The significance of this novel was that it changed the lives of women all across America with more respect from more people.

Elvis Presley

Elvis was known as the unofficial "King Of Rock'n'Roll", because of his amazing music. Between 1950 and 1960, he was one of the most known person in the country. Elvis lived in the great Southern city of Memphis. The cause of Presley's fame was the new rock style of music. The reason everybody liked this music was because it was the exact opposite of the music they were used to. They were used to slow, classical music. The result of this music was a skyrocket in album sales. From about 150 million sales in 1950 to over 600 million in 1960. The significance was that it changed the way every person saw music to this day.