Baustin City

Local Ads

Paper Plane

You should come to Paper Plane in Burger's city. We will put your name on your paper airplane. We will decorate your airplane. When you throw it, it will go farther than ever. There's different kinds. Be one of the first 5 people and get a deal; buy 5 get 1 free.

ZC’s Toss’n’Bracelets.

There is a new shop called ZC’s Toss’n’Bracelets. It’s so awesome! Go spend your money there. They provide a fun game with lots of prizes. There are 3 stands, if you get one ring you get a tier 1 prize. If you get 2 rings you get a tier 2 prize. If you get 3 rings you get a tier 3 prize.The cost is $50 per ring. If you like challenges then this is the game for you !

Stress Ball People

Tommy’s and Eli’s Stress Ball Company has just gone into business. We are selling stress ball people with smiley faces on them. They are yellow little stress balls, but some are going to be different colors. Just look the faces in the eye and you’ll feel better. Squeezing them also helps your stress. There are about 40 stress balls to sell. Just buy them for 200 Bellflower bucks at Bellflower Elementary. We are located right by the smartboard in Burger's City.

Flubby and Flubby Jr INC in Baustin City
M & M Bracelets in Baustin City
Minecraft Animation Sketches in Baustin City