By: Hagen Barrington


Zebras are herbivores.

They eat variety of grass and they also eat shrubs, herbs , twigs, leaves and bark.

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Least consern.
But Grevys zebras are endanger because to the loss of its habitat to agriculture.


Zebras live in the African savanna in the woodlands to open plains.

Where there is lots of grass and where 2 of his favorite plants are like shrubs and herbs.

shrubs look like bushes.

herbs look like little plants with leaves.

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Zebras can camoflage very easily to animals because animals are color blind.
They blend in the grass because there stripes are the same shape as the grass.
The grass is black and white and so are the zebras.


Zebras are very social animals. So there needs to be 2 or more zebras in a habitat. There needs to be 2 or more zebras because it will get very bored if it doesn't. There needs to be lots of room so they can run around.