Jack Pinniger


This act could have helped the walls family by letting them stay in one home and not have to move around. Also they wouldn’t have to leave because the bills would be less and they would be able to pay them what they owe that month.


Jeannette’s parents should have lost their parenting rights because rex was addicted to alcohol and rose Mary was not always able to support her children when they needed help.


Jeannette’s parents didn’t neglect school. They would teach their kids more than what the school would teach. For example rex taught Jeannette how to do algorithms and what numbers computers would use.

Mental illness

“person's thinking, feeling or mood may affect and disrupt his ability to relate to others and function in daily life.”

- This quote is related to Rex walls because it shows how drinking can affect your everyday life.


the walls family is a good example of this because they don’t listen to anybody and act by themselves. For example when the nurse asked rex to pay they medical bill they just pull a skedaddle and leave.


-“Addiction is based in the brain. This quote relates to rex walls because when he tries to get clean he says that it is all mental and that he needed to do it by himself.