WMS Library Annual Report 2019-2020

Face-to-Face? Virtual? YES!


The library collaborated with so many phenomenal teachers this year. Thank you for pairing with me and trusting me with your curriculum and your students!

  • MATH: Breakouts with Mr. Struchtemeyer
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: Breakouts for Black History Month (6th: Celebration of Black Historymakers; 7th: Power of Protest)
  • DRAMA: Drama History Breakout, Article Curation, Guest Speaker Foley Artist Harper Harris, Superhero iMovie trailers support
  • ART: Dot Art Collab with 6th Grade SS Australia Unit, Skype speaker Marcus Williams
  • FACS: Nutrition and Food-Borne Illness projects using Sway and Adobe Spark
  • READING: Specialized independent reading materials for students preparing for DMV tests, secured copyright permissions for read-alouds,
  • ELA: Revamping RCD resources at all grade levels
  • EL: Using Apple Clips to practice Reading, Writing, Speaking skills


  • Instructional Leadership Team
  • School Council Representative
  • Hour of Code co-sponsor
  • Maker Monday sponsor
  • MinecraftEDU STEM Night sponsor
  • TOME Honor Society sponsor
  • CCSD Social Studies Fair Judge
  • WMS Professional Leader Award, November 2019
  • PD: Bitmoji handout for faculty and staff, preplanning 2019
  • PD: BreakoutEDU session for faculty, January 2020
  • GLMA (state organization) Grants and Awards Chair
Big picture


  • Connected to new faculty through menu of services, welcome gifts, check-ins.
  • Shared targeted curricular and technology resources to departments
  • Conferenced with and brainstormed ideas for impactful activities and projects with individual teachers.
  • Created a new Library Instagram account repopulates to Twitter for maximum impact and communication to stakeholders.
  • Advocated for librarianship through meetings and with both county and GLMA, our state organization.
  • Contributed toward and revised resources for RCD units with other CCSD middle school librarians.


  • Bitmoji reading recommendation bookmarks from teachers and administrators
  • Student-created Bitmoji bookmarks with THEIR reading recommendations!
  • "What I'm Reading" posters to highlight teachers as readers and to spark conversation with students

  • Book Display Promotions:
  • 7 Mindsets connections to literature promotion and Destiny Collections built to support CCSD SEL initiative
  • Cultural and topical displays to highlight curricular connections, newsworthy events, monthly celebrations.
  • "Better Together" reading promotion with Instagram book review videos
  • Award-winning new titles based on ALA Midwinter awards

  • STEM-oriented book order Fall 2019 to refresh time-sensitive sections
  • SEL-oriented order in Fall 2019 based on diversity and student voice
  • Book order Winter 2020 to boost EL reading section
  • Genrefied BIOGRAPHY section, increasing circulation of that section.

  • Genre Personality Quiz activity to help match kids with the genres and book recommendations that fit them best
  • Personalized book shopping for Special Ed, EL, and REP classes
  • Build student self-sufficiency through Canvas Destiny account management lessons for fines and books out as well as putting books on hold.

  • DLD promotions of eBooks and digital audiobooks on our new SORA platform
  • Lunchtime Library Book Clubs: Refugee, Scythe, March, War of the Worlds (during DLD), Projekt 1065 (during DLD)

  • Just Read, WMS Summer Reading program (created during DLD, continuing with reading response challenges and meeting for check-ins weekly on Teams)
  • Reading Rocks! Challenge on Canvas to support CCSD Initiative

  • Book Fairs: Fall Follett book fair, Spring Scholastic Book Fair


Professional Development and Screencast Tutorials:
  • Student password management
  • Classroom Screen resource for timers, random name selectors, noise levels
  • Bitmoji for teachers
  • ViewPure resource to clear ads
  • Using embed codes in Canvas
  • Alternatives to Microsoft desktop apps like Spark for Publisher
  • Adobe Spark Video
  • Flipgrid integration in Canvas
  • BrainPop integration in Canvas
  • Online access to digital e-books and audiobooks
  • Canvas DLD technology modules for students
  • Free digital interactive resources (Lightbox) for units of study
  • Libro app for teachers for free digital audiobooks
  • Noodletools integration with Gale for ELA and Middle School librarians
  • Libguides support for Middle School librarians
  • Batch updates for Noodletools for CCSD librarians
  • Batch book renewal for Destiny for CCSD librarians
  • Canvas Studio for Middle School librarians
  • Managing formatting in Canvas for Middle School librarians
  • Selection of Middle School iPad apps with Middle School librarians
  • Downloading a course from Canvas for Middle School librarians

Reading Rocks! Response to reading challenges on Canvas

Just Read, WMS Summer Reading response challenges on Canvas

Student Programs:

  • Hour of Code
  • Maker Monday
  • Minecraft STEM Night
  • Global Maker Day presentation with over 1000 viewers worldwide!

Personal Professional Growth:

  • Nearpod Certification (SMART goal for Middle School librarians)
  • CCSD 20X2020 Challenge (top 50 in county)
  • MIE-Expert Application submitted June 2020 (TBA August 2020)
  • GaETC conference sessions: Apple Clips apps, Using VR in classroom, Podcasting

GOALS for 2020-2021

  1. Increase opportunities to participate in PLCs for better collaboration with departments and grade levels.
  2. Increase school focus on solid research techniques across grade levels and subjects. This is a growth opportunity for both WMS students and staff.
  3. Create new opportunities for independent reading across subjects. The library is for everyone!
  4. Maximize use of library during block scheduling.
  5. Continue to source lower, movable shelving for better visibility and openness of library space.
  6. Write at least one grant for more technology such as VR headsets and an additional iPad cart so WMS students and teachers have more flexibility with device use and integration of technology into teaching.
  7. Write at least one grant to allow for renovation towards a Learning Commons environment.
  8. Expand on "Library Power User" status for students who earn points based on Canvas Challenges to gain library benefits like library lunches, priority checkouts, prizes, special live events, and Skype sessions with special guests.
  9. Continuing of literacy intiatives like Just Read, WMS and the Reading Rocks! Challenge to foster a lifelong love of reading.
  10. Work towards CommonSense Media SCHOOLWIDE certification.
  11. Expand opportunities for student voice in the library


Meet Your Librarian

Wendy Cope, librarian, Woodstock Middle School

MIE * Apple Teacher * Nearpod

GLMA Board Member

GaETC Program Committee Member

2015 Cherokee County Library Media Specialist of the Year

2015 North Central Regional Library Media Specialist of the Year