Brandon Carter

By Rodrick

Role model

A role model is some one you look up to, someone you respect, someone you want to be like. My role model is Brandon Carter because of his awards and his stats.


First reason I have him as my role model is his awards. He has multiple awards. His senior year at trinity, he won the offensive player of the year award. His freshman year at TCU he won the all Mountain West Freshman of the year award


He played QB, RB, and WR for Trinity high school. He was there star player for Trinity. He was the fifth best recruit coming out of high school.He had 7 100+ yard games. Because of that he had 942 yards on the season. His longest catch was against Virginia. It was a one handed catch. He out ran the defender for 68 yards. He has the best stats in the big 12 for a receiver and yet he is only a sophmore. Here are his highlights.

Brandon Carter TCU Highlights

Good role model

So in my opinion he is a good role model for me.