Lincolns Killer Johns Wilkes Booth

By Enrico and Samirah

Johns Wilkes Booth is Determined (Pg.20)

He is determined because he is describing his plan and he is using a gun that only has 1 bullet to kill the president this characterization is indirect because we are using STEAL to determine this. We are using his thoughts to come up with that he is determined

Booth is depressed (Pg.9)

He was depressed the book said the confederacy was dead and be crawled out of the bed. This characterization is both indirect and direct because in the book they said he was depressed. We used his actions to determine that he was depressed.
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Our Prediction

I think booth is going to run away to town to town. Kill a lot of people and keep changing his appearance and his identity. I think someone is going to catch him and send him to jail. Then the court is going to sentence him to life.

Booth is Flirtacious

Booth is Flirtacious. In the book it said that he had 5 pictures of his favorite girlfriends when he was trying to escape. This indirect because they didn't directly say that he was Flirtacious. I used steal to determine this.

Booth is skillful

Booth is skillful. In the book it explain his whole entire plan that he planned a couple of days after the killing. He used a backup weapon in case his accuracy sucked and missed so he had a camping knife. I used steal to determine this.