Ben Franklin


Early Life

Ben Franklin was born in Boston, massachusetts. His father is Josiah Franklin,mother is Abiah Folger, and 17 brothers and sisters. And he is best known for his enventions. He invented the lightning rod and the bifocals.

Ben Franklin's childhood

Benjamin was born on January 17, 1706,in Boston witch was used to be known as massachusetts bay colony. His father english- born saop and candle maker Josiah Franklin, had several children with his first wife Ann child, one Ann either passed away or davorced, he had 10 more children with his second wife Abiah Folger.

adult contributions

Ben is most famous for being the creater of the bifocals. One challenge Ben had was that he helped his older brother, James be a printer. His interests are inventing all types of things like the bifocals, being a writer, and sometimes he can be a scientists.

when did Ben Franklin die?

later in Bens life he died at the age of 84 in 1790 and there wore more then 20,000 people at his funeral.