All About a Research Scientist

Taylor Elliott

What do they do?

A research scientist will usually design, implement, and execute R&D projects. Research scientist use professional ideas and procedures to solce a wide range of complex scientific problems in a creative way. They will also oversee different team members that are dealing with project design and implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions!

  • If I were to persue a career as a research scientist what would my salary be?
A research scientist could have a very wide range of possible salaries. A research scientist could be paid anywhere from under $30,000 to over $100,000. The salary of a research scientist all depends on your place of emplyment and your position.

  • Will I get any type of compensation working as a research scientist?
Yes! Compensation will be based on your years of experience and your level of education.

  • What is the required level of education required to be a research scientist?
A masters of science degree is required to pursue a career as a research scientist.

Where to work

The largest facility for research scientist is Vitae Pharmaceuticals in Washington, Penslyvania.
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