You are more than your illness

You are a mind, body and spirit worth the very best care!

Introducing the Dr. Strong Program; Designed especially with YOU in mind.

At our organization we believe the body cannot truly heal if the mind and spirit are broken. Our new team of specialize professionals in mental health will now be available on all medical floors, working side by side with your medical providers, to ensure that every part of you is cared for during your stay in a safe, warm, caring, loving environment.
Our new program will make it easier and quicker for you to get back to your best self; here.. it's all about YOU!

Perks of our Dr. Strong program

Our hospital is the only hospital in the area conducting this pilot program. It will not cost extra to you, nor will you need to sign up for this program, as it will be available to all patients who come to our facility for care. It will be funded by the hospital and available 24/7. In doing so we are continuing to uphold our philosophy; Rooted in faith and community. Caring for body, mind and soul. We hope that this program will help dispel the taboo of mental illness, bring awareness to the need for holistic care and improve the long term quality of life for all of our patients. For more information on our new outlook to medical care, feel free to call us at the number provided below or stop by our facility located at 1800 E. Lake Shore Dr in Decatur IL.

New Dr. Strong Team now at St. Mary's

Come and let us care for all your needs in the way you deserve.
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