Sun & Spoon

Kevin Henkes

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The book Sun and Spoon is loving and moving. The main character, Spoon, tries to comemerate his grandmother, Gram, by taking something of hers. He does not want to have a photograph. One day when he was helping Pa he went inside and noticed Gram's sun collection. He thought that if he were to take a sun that his grandfather would notice. He decided to take her cards that she used to play solitaire with him without telling Pa. Well one day when Pa came over for Sunday brunch he started talking to Spoon's mother and father, Kay and Scott. Spoon begins to listen to the conversation. Pa explains that whenever he can not sleep he plays solitaire with her cards and that the other night he could not find them. Read the book to find out what Spoon does to return the cards safely without getting in trouble and to find out what he eventually gets to remember her by.
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Released: October 1, 1998,ISBN #:0688152325 (ISBN13: 9780688152321),Literacy Awards:Rebecca Caudill Young Reader's Book Award Nominee (2000)