Surgery of the Century

Intellectually Disable to Intellectually Advanteged

Lately, I have been going to the Donner's Bakery. There I met an intellectually disabled man named Charlie Gordon. He recently went through a surgery to make hime a genius. Charlie had an I.Q of 70, now his I.Q is 185. The scientists and doctors wanted to have his as the first person to test, because they have been testing animals. The scientists and doctors wanted to have the first person tested so they could help many other people with Intellectual Disabilities.
Charlie Gordon's operation is one small step for man, but a leap fore mankind. He is the beginning of a bright new future for those who have disabilities. We can help others who need it. You can change yourself if you want. It doesn't matter that we have walls up. Gordon is breaking them down. Our new future is coming, and it's coming real soon.