Sir Isaac Newton

By: Raymond Branscomb

Background on Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was not always the smartest person. When he was in elementary school he was not very smart. The reason he grew up to be the renowned scientist that he is known as today was because of a bully. In elementary school a bully was picking on him and he challenged the bully to a fight and won, but Newton wanted to beat him not only physically but also in grades. Soon Newton was getting the best grades in the class.

Thesis Statement


Thesis Statement: Newton advanced many things including math, alchemy, science, and space exploration. In my research I decided to focus on calculus. Calculus solved many problems such as how the planets orbit the sun and how fast planets move around the sun. Because of Newton's research the first landing on the moon was successful.

The First Trip to The Moon

The first trip to the moon was successful because of calculus. Calculus helped NASA figure out where the moon was going to be at a certain time and how fast the moon was going to travel around Earth.

Why I chose to study Isaac Newton

I chose to study Isaac newton to study because during science we were studying inertia (Newton's first law) and I wanted to find out what all the laws of motion were. So I started researching Newton for my National History Day project. Then I started to learn that Newton invented calculus and I didn't know what that was so I decided to focus on that instead.