What are the basic skills required on the job?

Communication skills – Computer skills – Creativity – Detail oriented – Hand-eye coordination – visual skills

What types of activities are done on the job?

· Shoot and record television programs, motion pictures, music videos, documentaries, or news and sporting events

· Organize raw film footage into a continuous whole

· Collaborate with a director to determine the overall vision of the production

· Discuss filming and editing techniques with a director to improve a scene

· Select the appropriate equipment, from the type of lens to the appropriate lighting

· Shoot or edit a scene based on the director’s vision

What are the working conditions and physical demands?

They typically work in studios or in office settings.

Some work in uncomfortable or even dangerous conditions, such as severe weather, military conflicts, and natural disasters.

What are the work hours and travel?

Most work full time.

Those who work in the motion picture industry may have long, irregular hours while filming, but go through a period of unemployment after their work on the film is complete and before they are hired for their next job.

What is the national average annual wage for this job?


What is the average annual wage for this job in Texas?


What is the average hourly wage for this job in Texas?


What is the future outlook for this job?

Job growth is expected to be slow in broadcasting because automatic camera systems reduce the need for camera operators at many TV stations.

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