Choose2Matter LIVE

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What is Choose2Matter?

Choose2Matter is a global initiative that challenges people to solve problems. It seeks to help people take effective action by connecting them with curated information and mentors who can guide them in their quest to matter.

What is Choose2Matter LIVE?

· Choose2Matter LIVE is a series of 8-10 two-day events to be held in a broad range of schools in the 2013-14 school year.

· Choose2Matter is a proven way to inspire students to work collaboratively to develop empathetic and innovative solutions to bring about social change. In doing so, students tackle real-world problems and learn the skills needs in today’s job market.

· Choose2Matter LIVE provides an outstanding opportunity for sponsors to associate with a brand that students evangelize.

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Angela Maiers

Bring Angela to your school to conduct your Choose2Matter LIVE event! Angela is a dynamic and passionate educator, author and speaker whose TedTalk entitled "You Matter" inspired the Choose2Matter movement!

Hear Angela explain how Choose2Matter LIVE is in fact changing LIVES!

Choose2Matter at the Downingtown STEM Academy

Need proof that Choose2Matter LIVE will change the world? Here is a short video from some of the participants!

How Quest2Matter Changed Our Lives

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