Fall Creek Elementary Phy. Ed.

Teacher: Jason Martzke

December 2015


  • If your child (K-1) would still like to become a member of the "Shoe Tying Club", just have them bring in their colored shoe once they have learned to tie their shoes on their own. We are hanging all of these shoes up in the elementary gym.
  • Students can still turn in their November Physical Activity Calendar to Mr. Martzke.


  • Our K-1 students have been working on their stick skills and having relays this past month.
  • Students in 2-3 worked on their volleyball skills, including bumping and setting. They also had a floor hockey unit where they worked on carrying, dribbling, and trapping the puck. They played 4 corner hockey as well as 2 on 2 mini-games.
  • Our students in 4-5 played big base and had the opportunity to play badminton. This is the first time the 4th graders have played, so they spent a lot of time learning how to serve.


  • Our K-3 students will be doing dance for the next couple of weeks before Christmas break.
  • Students in grades 4-5 are playing "Cuff ball". This game is similar to kickball or baseball except you use your hand/wrist (Cuff) to hit the ball.
  • We had to reschedule our Jump Rope for Heart activity that we usually do in November because of schedule changes. We will move it to later in the school year and let you know when we send out the information.


As I mentioned in the November newsletter, we have welcomed a student teacher to our classroom. David Luhman, a student at UWEC, will be with us through the end of the first semester. David is a native of Howard Lake, MN (yes, he is a VIking, Twin, and Gopher fan) and he is majoring in physical education/adaptive physical education with a minor in health. He student taught at Chippewa Falls High School during the first quarter of the school year and is the boys varsity assistant basketball coach there as well. David got married in mid November, and he and his wife, Taylor, live in Eau Claire.

One last reminder, students that are filling out the activity calendars, should have received the December calendar earlier this week. The activity calendars are a great source to keep our students active outside of school, even when it's cold outside. Your child doesn’t have to do all the activities on the calendar. If they are involved in sports or other activities like playing outside, check off the date on the calendar. If you didn't receive a calendar, you can print a copy from the link below.

December Activity Calendar