strenghts and weaknesses

by: rosa resendiz


Good at getting projects moving again or persuading people to get stuff going. Take opportunities to give evaluations of what is happening in company. You do not like to be supervised closely. You might empire-build, upset colleagues, get off-focus, ignore commitments. You may tend to intimidate others with up-front, aggressive style. Your time may be better spent helping others understand you than trying to change you.


Actively seek out positions where your ideas will be valued and encouraged.Be a designer, sales strategies, marketing guru, or customer service rep for new products and ideas.Search out and request ideas from others to stimulate your thinking.Constantly think of ideas that can improve businesses and the lives of others.You enjoy the power of words; punchy ideas stimulate your thinking - focus and play with this fact.For decisions, you need to know that everything fits together. Be aware and plan for decisions.If a decision seems to stand out as particularly bothersome, then check if it is an exception before worrying about it.


Make it a point to meet new people every day. Be the initial point of contact for groups, organizations, and teams. Continually work on your system for remembering names and faces. Consistently be a builder of goodwill for your groups, community, or organization.

Strategic Thinking

Be on the leading edge of your organization, groups, and strategic plans. Be involved in organizational planning and risk management efforts. Always give yourself plenty of time to think through a situation. Read books, take a training course, or attend a seminar in strategic planning and futurism. Seek chances to share your ideas in writing and presentations. Seek solutions that worked in other places, learn from them, and try to apply them to your life and work.


Organize life around close relationships, don't move around too much- enjoy close, strong, genuine bonds and could be shaken up otherwise. Knowing peoples goals helps bond with them.


Actively take on roles that require you to stay current in a fast moving field.Always stay hunting for a richer learning environment - the process keeps you energized.Track your learning progress and celebrate milestones along the way.Challenge yourself to be a resident expert or master of trade on a subject.Request to work beside someone who will continuously push you to learn more.Learn by teaching others. Set aside money to support continued education, training, seminars, and e-learning.